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InstaMail for iPhone
Version History.
This is list of changes for each release of InstaMail.
Version 1.3
Available in the App Store since 30 January 2010

Added the possibility to define a custom interval when to want to stop receiving notifications (for example during the night).

Added the possibility to stop the default spam filter. Until now you received notifications by default only from your email accounts. Many users said they want control over this filter so now you have it. If you turn it off you will receive notifications for every email received at your account @ instamail . me.
Version 1.2.1.
Available in the App Store from 18 November 2009 since 30 January 2010

Adds the Inbox where you can see the last 50 emails for which you received notifications. Only few headers are saved on our server: Subject, Sender email, Receiver email and Date.

Other new features from version 1.1 are password recovery and password update available within the website. Sign into the Members section to update your password or use the password recovery form to generate another password.
Version 1.1.
Available in the App Store from 29 October 2009 since 18 November 2009

Added custom filters for each email account.

By default a notification is sent for every email received. If you have a high traffic email address and/or want to receive notifications only for some particular senders you can now add filters. Just tap the email account for which you want to add filters. If an email account has no filters, you will receive notifications for every email. Once you added email address in the filters section, you will only receive notifications for those senders.
Version 1.0.
Available in the App Store since the 1st of October 2009 until 29 October 2009
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