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InstaMail for iPhone
In this page you can find a quick configuration and usage tutorials
Creating a New Account.
The first thing you need to do after downloading the app is to create your account@instamail.me. For this you have to go into Configure and type a username, password and email address. Please remember your email address because you will have to re-enter it each time you re-login.

The account is activated immediately after it is created but notifications will start beeing processed and sent after 10-20 minutes. You will also receive an email at the email address you provided. In this email you have a link and an activation code. You have to activate your account in the first 24 hours after you created it. Otherwise the account will be automatically deleted from the server.

From version 1.3 the authentication screen is found in Configuration -> Authentication.
Spam filter.
Starting with version 1.3 the spam filter is OFF. Many users asked this feature to be turned off by default so starting with this version we did just that. This means that after you create your account @ instamail . me you will receive notifications for every incoming email.

To turn the spam filter ON, all you have to do is to go into Configuration, tap the Spam filter switch to turn it ON and the go to Sync with server from the main menu to save your data to the server.

When the Spam filter is activated you will only receive notifications for emails forwarded from the email accounts in your list.
Schedule silent intervals.
Starting with version 1.3 you can also define intervals when you don't want to receive any notifications. This is useful if you want to mute the app during the night. By default the app sends notifications anytime.

To activate an interval go into Configuration and tap the button under Notifications are sent:. You can choose to have your notifications delivered anytime or select a custom interval. For the interval you can choose to have the notifications delivered outside the interval or only in the interval you define.

To define your custom interval tap the blue disclosure indicator and then choose the start and end time for your interval.

To change a value first you have to tap its corresponding button. Tap the From button and choose the time, then tap the To button and choose the time.

Hit the Done button when you finish and you'll be taken to the previous screen where you'll see the new interval you defined.

Don't forget to sync the data with the server after any changes in the configuration section. This is a necessary step to make the changes active.
Adding Email Accounts.
After you create and are logged into your account you have to add email addresses from which you accept email messages. Since the InstaMail account works just like an email address, probably pretty soon it will be clogged with spam. By adding your accounts you mak e sure you only receive notifications from your email accounts.

You can add up to 10 email address from which you want to forward emails.

To delete email addresses you swipe the desired row and tap Delete. Don't forget to resync your data with the server after any change in the email list.
Adding Filters To Your Forwarded Email Accounts.
If you have a high traffic email account, or you only want to be notified for certain senders, you can set this option in the filters section of the app.

After you add your forwarded email accounts, your Email section should look like this:

Notice the right arrow on each row. By tapping a row you will access the filters section for that row. By default no filter is present. Let's say for the me@home.com email address you only want to be notified for emails coming from wife@home.com. You have to tap me@home.com, hit the plus sign and add wife@home.com.

All you have to do now is to resynchronize your data so that your filters will be saved to the server. After a new synchronization you will only receive notifications for emails coming from wife@home.com for address me@home.com.
Removing email accounts or filters.
If you want to remove one of your email accounts or one of your filters you have to swipe over the row of that email/filter and the Delete button will appear. Tap it and the row will be deleted. This will only remove it from your phone however. To save your new settings you have to resync your data with the server after you finish editing your email accounts and filters.

If you remove an email account for wich you specified a forwarding option to your instamail.me account, you will stop receiving notifications for that email address. Our server will continue to receive the emails but it will delete them instead of delivering notifications. This is not an error. The server will treat those emails as spam since that email account is not added to the list of allowed email accounts.

If you remove all your filters for a particular email account you will start receiving notifications for all emails received for that account.
Sync Your Data.
The third menu options allows you to resync your options with the server. Data is not sent from your phone to the server at each change you make to allow your application to function faster. Whenever you are sure with your changes and you want to apply them, you have to resync with the server. If you add a new email address you will have to resync data with the server.

From version 1.2.1 you have the possibility to check your last 50 emails that generated notifications. Select the Inbox menu option whenever you want and the app will load from the server the last 50 emails received from all your forwarded accounts.

Only some headers of each email are available, like Subject, From, To and the date when the email was received. The content cannot be displayed because we don't store it and in fact we drop the content as soon as we extract the headers from every new email.

For now these are all the options available. New features are already in the making. If you have any suggestions please contact us via the feedback form.
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