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Email Forwarding.
Almost any email server or service offers a forwarding option. Here you can find a quick how-to for the most popular ones.
Edit your account's .qmail file and add a forward line. Your .qmail file should look like this
	| /var/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail ” bounce-no-mailbox 
The first line handles the local deliveries and the second line tells Qmail to send a copy to your InstaMail account.
Log into GMail, go to Setting -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP. There you have a Forwarding section. In that section you have to choose Forward a copy of incoming mail to and fill your InstaMail account and also make sure you selected keep Gmail's copy in the Inbox so you can read your emails after you get the notification on the phone.

Gmail recently added a confirmation step to enable forwarding. An email will be sent to the address you want your emails forwarded. You don't need to access the code or click any link from that email. We configured our server to take the necessary steps to confirm the address and enable forwarding. Minutes after you add your instamail.me account in Gmail forwarding screen you will start receiving emails.
Make sure you are int the Email section of MobileMe. Click on the cogwheel, then go to Preferences and click on the Others button. Check Forward my email to another email account and fill your instamail.me address in the corresponding field. Be sure to check Keep a copy of forwarded messages with MobileMe.
Currently Yahoo! does not offer the option to keep a copy of forwarded email in Yahoo! mailbox. If you have an Yahoo! account you could forward emails first to an account that supports keeping a copy on the server, like Gmail or MobileMe.
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